Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Note of Encouragment

My niece in the PICU at UNC-Chapel Hill
So I have been absent from this blog for a while, and I thought I would share the reason why.  This is my neice Avarey.  She was born on February 10th with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH).  It has been a difficult month, but I am happy to report that Avarey is doing well, and she no longer has that pesky breathing tube in.  I hope she will be home by Easter!

Here is a note I wrote her during a particularly difficult week:


Hang in there.  We need you.  There are so many things left to experience.  Unfortunately, you have only seen the ugly, painful side of life, but I promise you there are days so beautiful and moments so wonderful that on those days when nothing is going right and you are slumped at the bottom of a pit with Despair, you will take them out and marvel at them, and they will give you the encouragement to get up and climb out.  They will give you hope.  Like the first moment I met you.  Your tiny fists were clenched, and your little eyes were squeezed shut, their lids still damp, and a nurse was taking your blood.  But you weren't crying.  No, you were holding tight to the tenuous thread of life that all of us cling to.  Cling a little longer, Avarey.  There are books you haven't read, and puppies who want to lick your face, and so many things to see and to learn.  Stick around; let me show you.

Love always and forever,

Aunt Kiki

She can't wear any of her cute clothes in the PICU, so
we change her bow daily instead.


  1. Sending warm thoughts to Avarey and your family, and hoping she only continues to improve!

  2. Thanks Meg! She is doing much better. She actually got moved from the ICU to a regular floor, and as soon as she is weaned off all her medications and machines, she should be able to come home. The great thing is we can hold her now!