Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Recommendation: Gifts for Bibliophiles

Graduation is swiftly approaching as is the season of weddings and baby showers.  Mother's Day is around the corner.  Throw in a couple of summer birthdays, and your gift list will be a mile long.  Cruising around the Internet on my lunch break today, I stumbled across several fantastic gifts for the bibliophiles in your life.  After shouting at my officemate to come look at my computer screen every 30 seconds, I figured I needed to broaden my bookish gift fan base.  Thus this totally spur of the moment post was born.  Enjoy my bookish finds from around the web on this May Wednesday, and consider snagging something for the book lover in your life!

I am a sucker for things that are decorative and functional, so I cannot stop obsessing over these books turned iPhone docks by RichNeelyDesigns.  I so want the Jane Eyre one.  The red stitching would totally match my home decor although I also love the light green Jane Austen Persuasion one as well!  There are tons of book designs to choose from - classic to contemporary.

P.S. The vintage cookbook set for an iPad would be great for the kitchen when you're following an online recipe!

Speaking of electronics, if you want to keep your iPhone or iPad safe and stylish while on the go, has amazingly durable and decorative cases in classic book designs.  My best friend got me the peacock inspired Pride and Prejudice iPad case for Christmas. (which is why she is my best friend ;-)  They also have great t-shirts and bags. (The new Little Women one is to die for!)

If you or your reader prefer a more subtle profession of your love for a book or character, jewelry may be the way to go.  Etsy has the best selection by far.  My favorites are the Snape confession necklaces and the Jane Austen cuff bracelets, but I'm sure you can find just the right piece for any literary lover.  If you really want to make a statement, Tiffany & Co. has designed a set of Gatsby headpieces to celebrate the upcoming release of the Baz Luhrmann The Great Gatsby film.  A little over the top, but so is Gatsby.  Tres chic!

Every good bibliophile loves nothing more than curling up with a steaming cup of [insert your chosen drink here] and a good book.  A mug with a line from a favorite novel, like this "I am half agony, half hope" Persuasion mug, would be the perfect compliment!

Finally, we've all got keys - a literary themed key chain would be a great way to keep up with them!

Have I collected some fun book-themed gifts for readers of all types?  Maybe.  Have I created a list of literary collectables I would love?  Most definitely.  So maybe this post was a little too self-indulgent, but I hope you had as much fun browsing as I did!


  1. Love these! I actually have the Pride & Prejudice case for my Kobo Glo :-)

    I really want the Persuasion mug as Persuasion is my favourite novel of all-time and Captain Wentworth my favourite Austen hero.

  2. Great suggestions! Will have to keep these in mind for my friend's birthday coming up :)